PRECIOUS (Research infrastructure for big medical data analytics towards precision medicine, funded by the Operational Programme “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation” (NSRF 2014-2020) and co-financed by Greece and the European Union (European Regional Development Fund)) is a cloud-based supercomputing infrastructure of the Unit of Medical Technology and Intelligent Information Systems at the University of Ioannina which can provide services to healthcare actors on local, national and international level. PRECIOUS provides exceptional performance assistance for challenging scientific applications in the healthcare industry. The infrastructure’s primary capability is its ability to support large data management, cloud storage, cloud computing apps, and high-performance computing computations all at once.


PRECIOUS provides advanced services for precision medicine (for the sharing, pre-processing and analysis of big medical data) targeting various healthcare actors, including universities,
hospitals, public health authorities, diagnostic centers, and companies in the healthcare sector. These services are available to all healthcare actors through the PRECIOUS cloud-based platform.


PRECIOUS provides services on various levels: 
  1. For the sharing, curation, harmonization, visualization and management of big medical data
  2. Data analytics services for precision medicine which can combine artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning towards the development of advanced models for diagnosis, monitoring, prevention, treatment, as well as, for the detection of biomarkers, risk stratification, phenotypes correlation, causality modeling, and human digital twin development
  3. Large scale simulation services which can be combined with the data analytics services to perform in-silico simulations of organs, diseases, devices, and clinical trials
Precious Poster

Research Infrastructure for big medical data analytics towards precision medicine

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