PRECIOUS Infrastructure

The PRECIOUS infrastructure is based on VxRail software technology and consists of 12 computing nodes. Each node has the following technical specifications: 2 Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 5220R processors with a nominal operating frequency of 2.20GHz, each providing 48 computing cores and 384GB (GigaBytes) of RAM. The total computing capacity of the infrastructure with 768 Xeon cores is 1.26THz (TeraHertz), 4.48TB (TeraBytes) of RAM, and 0.5PB of data storage in a RAID-10 disk array.

Photo of VxRail
Precious Infrastruction

In addition, the 4 nodes in the infrastructure contain powerful NVIDIA graphics cards, providing a total of 86,000 CUDA graphics processors for specialized scientific computations. Finally, the infrastructure is supported by an uninterrupted power supply unit that simultaneously supports its own network equipment.

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