Services for data analytics

PRECIOUS supports:

  • PRECIOUS provides services for advanced analysis and processing of big medical data for precision medicine developments. More specifically
  • o Causality analysis for the comprehensive identification of correlations between various phenotypes through the development of interaction networks
  • o Federated learning using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms which are incrementally trained on data stored in private cloud databases to yield trustworthy AI models for diagnosis and disease prediction.
  • o Extraction of explainable risk factors through the application of feature extraction methods to quantify the significance of pre-defined risk factors for solving complex classification problems.
Models for disease prediction
  • o Dietary assessment of vulnerable patients by training advanced deep learning models for the automatic detection of the food quantity.
  • o Automated segmentation of regions of interest in medical images through the training of hybrid deep neural networks for the detection of malignancies
  • o Human activity recognition through the training of both machine learning algorithms and deep learning algorithms on time series data from motion sensors and video recordings from cameras
  • o Prediction of diseases through the training of interpretable artificial intelligence algorithms across multiple time points to solve demanding risk stratification problems
  • o Trajectory analysis of longitudinal data to cluster patients with similar clinical profiles and extract time-dependent risk factor associations.
  • o Generation of synthetic data/virtual populations through the training of advanced algorithms (virtual data generators) which can “mimic” the real patient data.
Dietary patients with diabetes
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