Medical data

Services for sharing and pre-processing

PRECIOUS provides services for sharing, curation, harmonization, visualization and management of medical data. More specifically, PRECIOUS supports:

  • o The sharing of medical data through encrypted connections with the PRECIOUS cloud-based platform and secure data storage in private databases within the cloud.
  • o The curation of medical data using advanced functionalities for the detection and isolation of problematic fields and data inconsistencies (outliers, duplicate fields), as well as, for data imputation. These functionalities are provided through a fully automated pipeline with reduced computational complexity.
  • o The harmonization of medical data with heterogeneous structure using hybrid methods to automatically identify medical terminologies with lexical and semantic relevance with respect to international data standards (e.g., HL7 FHIR). The data harmonization process involves the mapping of clinical profiles of interest to create individual hierarchical data models (ontologies) which are used for the lexical and semantic matching process.
  • o The visualization of medical data using three-dimensional graphs to extract hidden patterns from big data. The PRECIOUS platform offers a web environment which provides high-quality charts and machine learning methods to suggest identified associations among the medical data.
  • o The management of medical data through interactive user interfaces which provide an easy way to process medical data, such as adding, deleting, and updating records. These user interfaces are provided in a secure way to ensure data integrity.
Data Curation
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