Fully updatable RACKS
serverless Analytics

The RACK racks were initially installed in the space with the aim of placing the entire computing infrastructure in them, and they provide all the safety specifications for the seamless and functional handling of the entire equipment. The racks are sufficient to accommodate the total equipment and have more than 50% redundancy to support future expansions. Specifically, a total of 12 Dell EMC V570 nodes, a Dell RX750 Server, 2 Dell EMC S5224F-ON Switches, a router and the series of power supplies were installed in the RACKs. The total capacity of the installed equipment is 30U and the useful RACK units 42U. The doors are split vertically and have front and rear safety locks. RACK dimensions are Height 2m, Width 0.8m and Depth 1m. The useful distance from the front and rear door respectively to the vertical support rail of the equipment is 87/193 mm. The load resistance of the RACK is 15000N. 2 PDU Basic 1ph 32A 24xC13 4xC19 vertical cable guides are installed in each RACK. Each PDU (rack power strip) has 4 C19 and 24C13 IEC 320 ports with a total load of 32A @ 230V.

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