Publications in International peer-reviewed Journals

  1. Pezoulas VC, Kourou KD, Papaloukas C, Triantafyllia V, Lampropoulou V, Siouti E, Papadaki M, Salagianni M, Koukaki E, Rovina N, Koutsoukou A, Andreakos E, and Fotiadis DI. A Multimodal Approach for the Risk Prediction of Intensive Care and Mortality in Patients with COVID-19. Diagnostics. 2022; 12(1):56. DOI:
  2. Pezoulas VC, Kalatzis F, Exarchos TP, Goules A, Tzioufas AG, and Fotiadis DI. FHBF: Federated hybrid boosted forests with dropout rates for supervised learning tasks across highly imbalanced clinical datasets. Accepted for publication (under production) in the Patterns Cell Press journal, 2023
  3.  Konstantakopoulos F, Georga E, and Fotiadis DI. A novel approach to estimate the weight of food items based on features extracted from an image using boosting algorithms. Under review in the Scientific Reports journal, 2023
  4.  Zaridis DI, Mylona E, Tsiknakis N, Tachos NS, Matsopoulos GK, and Fotiadis DI. ProLesA-Net: A multi-channel 3D architecture for Prostate MR lesion segmentation with multi-scale Channel and Spatial attentions. Under review in the Patterns Cell Press journal, 2023


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